Pictures from Past Editions

tuku.jpgIngo the Clown 2007Mbira PlayerTraditional Mask An Open Arm Greeting
Drum CirclePart of the Crowd 2007 The Main Stage

Images above are from the 2002 & 2003 Festival

First organised in 1998 by local residents as an enjoyable celebration of Zimbabwean performing arts. Volunteers built a big wooden stage at the apex of the village green and invited musicians and performers from all over Zimbabwe. And a new tradition was born…. Today the Festival, true to its roots, remains free-to-audience, joyful and harmonious. But it now also involves the community in year-round cultural development through the Festival Trust.


  1. Phanuel Nyagumbo

    Greetings from the BLACK ROOTS CRU hope you gonna enjoy



  2. Greetings to everyone involved in organising the festival, I am hoping to join you in april and will do what I can to promote what you are doing from my side in the uk;
    one love

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