Nutty O and Gemma climb the Mbira Trail

A film by Zetu, directed by Marc Neilson, featuring – Gemma, Nutty O, Chiedza Chinhara, Zash Chinhara

The Mbira Trail is a part of the Big Five Trails, a group of incredible hiking trails in Nyanga, Vumba and Chimanimani, as well as from the lowest point of Zimbabwe to the highest and back. The Mbira Trail is named so, because whenever it is walked the guide carries an Mbira or an Mbira player is invited as part of the group – promoting the breathtaking local music and culture. We were joined by Alec Muchayi and the Ngangu band, who played and sang as we walked, and their music kept us going over the steep climbs. The five day trail takes you to some of the most exquisite scenes within this sacred mountain range, summiting Peza, Terry’s cave, and extraordinary fresh water lakes and waterfalls throughout. We walked and watched in awe as the scenery changed and evolved throughout the hike, hearing birds, watching sunrises and the vast open sky filled with stars each night.

With thanks to BirdLife Zimbabwe

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