Chimanimani Golf Course

The beautiful 9-hole golf course at the former Chimanimani Country Club is in great condition, thanks to local residents. These private volunteers donate their time, equipment, manpower and funds so that the fairways, greens, sand traps and tees are not only playable but of a standard high enough for a tournament.

The golf course runs along one side of a natural stream (quite a hazard in itself) and back up the other side of the gently sloping valley. Background scenery is provided by the mountain known as Pork Pie, which comprises national parks land encompassing an eland sanctuary and the famous Bridal Veil waterfall.

Golfers who visit Chimanimani are welcome and may use the golf links free of charge – but voluntary contributions towards upkeep of the fairways would be much appreciated, and donations can be placed into a box held at Heaven Mountain Lodge.

Caddies are available for a modest tip.


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