Tessa’s Pool

Back in the 1950’s while John Ball was building the mountain Hut in his spare time, his wife Lucy was often left with baby Tessa at the refreshing waterfalls and pools at Outward Bound. Later in the 60’s one of Ball’s friends, Ted Tucker, who was a surveyor, produced Tucker’s map of the mountains. And in his map he named the waterfalls and pools – Tessa’s Pool – and it is still called that to this day. It’s one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Chimanimani. Not nearly as tall as Bridal Veil Falls, but it’s location among thickly wooded forest creates a cool, beautiful, otherworldly glade.

Tessa’s pool is open for visitors but it is important to get permission to visit as Outward Bound is currently closed. Enquire at the local Chimanimani Tourist Association office in the village for more information.



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